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We believe you should be enjoying a life in full motion

We’re an integrated team of physical therapy movement specialists helping restore your ability to live life to its fullest.

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LifeMotion Physical Therapy Tulsa Team

See what LifeMotion clients are saying

  • The most wonderful team that works together, is very professional and caring!
    Maya S.
  • I didn't expect to find so many friendly, encouraging, and capable people!
    Jeff S.
  • Excellent! Professionalism to the highest degree.
    Blake L.
  • LifeMotion helped restore my sense of independence at a time I felt the most helpless. Holly & everyone at LifeMotion are AMAZING!
    Courtney N.
  • Everyone was really nice and friendly. Awesome place to get your PT needs!
    Wood W.
  • LifeMotion was really helpful. Definitely a place you should check out!
    Niklas J.
  • The therapist are the best! The attitude of everyone was a thumbs up!
    Marvin M.
  • A great place to go if you need help with balance issues.
    Janice L.
  • I had a great experience and a speedy recovery thanks to LifeMotion.
    Colton R.
  • I like what a simple process this has been. I feel like I have my day to day life back!
    Renee H.
  • Everyone at LifeMotion was very welcoming and knowledgeable
    Garrett G.
  • Everyone is very welcoming. Really made me feel like part of the LifeMotion family.
    Hannah S.
  • Personally it has given me back my life. By my life I mean I am able to do the things I enjoy again.
    Brodie M.
  • LifeMotion has given me the confidence to use my knee. The staff is terrific!
    Coby D.
  • Definitely would recommend to anyone. Trevor is the best!
    Shannon H.
  • It has been wonderful to be able to not feel tightness and pain in my lower back and right thigh area. The dry needling was a great unexpected experienced! The best thing about being at LifeMotion was everyone's friendliness and great teamwork.
    Christine C.
  • Getting back into shape is very important to my daily quality of life. Holly and LifeMotion have given me the tools to get back on track.
    Seth H.
  • 5
    The experience has been wonderful! The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging - more than I could have dreamed.
    Melinda S.
  • 5
    Loretta L.
  • 5
    My physical therapy has give me more confidence and relieved depression I was feeling over not being able to do things I used to. They taught me exercises I can to do improve my balance and overall physical condition.
    Janet L.
  • 5
    My experience here has no only gotten me back on the basketball court, it's made me mentally stronger. I would not trade this experience for anything.
    Hannah N.
  • 5
    Staff is wonderful, professional and everyone works together. My therapy was exactly what I expected and I feel good about my healing process.
    Casey J.
  • 5
    I enjoy working with Holly and the other LifeMotion staff. They make physical therapy fun. They challenged me, but also helped me show myself compassion and patience while recovering from my concussion. I've regained so much function and freedom!
    April A.
  • 5
    I quickly regained my self-awareness and balance which is super vital to me as a workaholic and a dad. My life is back in motion!
    Andrew B.
  • 5
    I was able to see significant improvement within 2-3 visits. I like the atmosphere and encouraging environment.
    Karen M.
  • 5
    I just wish I'd found them sooner!

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    Susanne J.
  • 5
    I couldn’t have recovered as quickly or completely without their care.

    Click Here To Read More
    Susan C.
  • 5
    My knee and supporting muscles showed improvement with each visit!

    Click Here To Read More
    Dana H.
  • 5
    With their help, for the first time I’ve felt a significant improvement and I will definitely come back to continue treatment.

    Click Here To Read More
    Tila J.
  • 5
    I am much stronger and able now to do things that I hadn't been able to do for years!

    Click Here To Read More
    Cindy J.
  • 5
    Ryan was professional, yet sincere and genuinely concerned about my outcome.

    Click Here To Read More
    Karen R.
  • 5
    This is truly a place of healing!

    Click Here To Read More
    Debbie Y.
  • 5
    Today, I am happy to report I am headache free 97% of the time and the intensity is minimal when I do experience one.

    Click Here To Read More
    Jennifer A.
  • 5
    Within 2 weeks, the pain was gone and the strength began to return.

    Click Here To Read More
    Joby W.
  • 5
    I am now back to working out and enjoying life with my family - pain free!

    Click Here To Read More
    Mike F.
  • 5
    After my very first session, I felt immediate relief. Click Here To Read More
    Jana G.
  • 5
    Ryan Smith has done a great job in assisting me to get back to a normal life.

    Click Here To Read More
    Matt K.
  • 5
    My time with Ryan has literally reversed the course of my physical life.

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    Terry D.

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